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Interhotel signs at the Hôtel Paix République

Interhotel signs at the Hôtel Paix République

Learn more about our hotel ?
The Hotel PAIX REPUBLIQUE is an independent 3 star hotel located in central Paris near the Marais and République. Our establishment is part of a cooperative composed exclusively of independent hotel contractors: SEH Hotels. In this cooperative, we have belonged to the INTERHOTEL brand since 1996.

You will tell me what is INTERHOTEL?

INTER-HOTEL is a network of nearly 300 2 and 3 star hotels located in the heart of the French regions.

Choosing Inter-Hotel means choosing a 2-star hotel or a 3-star hotel offering you a comfortable room, with the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay at very attractive prices. You will find in our establishments quality services (Internet connection, television, air conditioning, ...) but also and above all a real know-how, good humor and conviviality.

Come and meet passionate and authentic hoteliers

Are you looking for an authentic hotel to spend a picturesque holiday in a place with a typical charm? You will be satisfied by the authenticity and the hospitality which are the key words of INTER-HOTEL. Passionate about their region and their profession, all our hoteliers welcome you warmly and accompany you in the discovery of their region.


Hotels that preserve their authenticity and their specificities

No uniformity at INTER-HOTEL: if our services are always of the same quality, each hotel has its personality and characteristics. We make the best of our regions to offer you: you can sleep in a half-timbered house in Alsace, enjoy a thalassotherapy in Brittany, or even discover the wines of Bordeaux in Aquitaine ... Whether you want to find a hotel For the weekend, for a holiday by the sea or for a business trip, our hotels welcome you all over France and for you to enjoy an excellent value for money!

Inter-Hotel is a brand created in 1967. It is part of SEH (European Company of Hotels), 1st multi-brand and cooperative hotel group in Europe, with 550 hotels. SEH brings together 4 brands: INTER-HOTEL, P'tit Dej-HOTEL, QUALYS-HOTEL and Relais du Silence.

And know that our brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year !!!!

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